March 2020

Does Vaping Worsen the Effects of COVID-19?

With recent reports that a fairly high number of coronavirus hospitalizations in the United States are among younger adults, many have begun to question whether there is a link between vaping and more severe cases of the respiratory illness. According to experts, while there isn’t any concrete evidence of a connection, there is cause for concern. Having a preexisting condition, especially a respiratory related one, has been found to increase the chances of COVID-19 complications. People with smoking-related conditions, such as heart and lung disease, are also among those at a higher-risk. Vaping products haven’t been on the market long enough to determine long-term effects, so it is unclear whether vaping can lead to lung disease or other conditions, as combustible-cigarettes can. Dr. Michael Siegel of the Boston University School of Public Health believes those who vape should consider stopping simply as a “precautionary method.” Dr. Michael Siegel, to 'TIME'