August 2019

Disney+ Will Have No R-Rated Media

According a representative at this year's D23 Expo,  the streaming service will only contain  PG-13 content or below. I asked about R-rated content, if any of Fox’s more adult fare will make it on to Disney+ and he said that Disney+ will all be PG-13  or softer, @EricVespe, via Twitter. Walt Disney Studios has never produced an R-rated film in its history. A couple have been made  by Touchstone Pictures,  a division of the company. These films, which include  Julia Roberts' 'Pretty Woman,' will presumably not be apart of Disney+. Other r-rated content that Disney owns, such as the 'Deadpool' films, won't be either. Disney+ makes its debut  on November 12 and will cost  subscribers $6.99 a month.