September 2019

Different Dog Breeds Have Different Brains, Study Finds

A recent collaborative study has found that canine breeding may be responsible for varying brain anatomy. . The study examined brain scans taken of 62 purebred male and female dogs from 33 different species. . Differences in the dog's brain anatomy were found to be dependent on their long- lasting partnership with humans. . What we found was that the differences in brain anatomy go over and above differences in body size, brain size, and just general head shape. And we think these differences are accounted for by the selective breeding of behaviors, Erin Hecht, Harvard University, via Gizmodo. One example shows that hunting dogs, such as golden retrievers, have key differences in the regions of their brain linked to coordination and spatial navigation. . According to Hecht, this discovery could lead to the use of neuroscience to refine the specialized tasks that dogs are bred to perform. . This might sound a little goofy, but it’s also profound—our brains have been shaping the brains of another species. , Erin Hecht, Harvard University, via Gizmodo.