May 2020

Crayola Promotes Inclusivity With New Skin Tone-Inspired Crayon Collection

Crayola recently announced the launch of their newest line of crayons, “Colors of the World.” According to Crayola, the “Colors of the World” collection will help “cultivate a more inclusive world.” Crayola, via statement The packs will feature new crayons such as Light Golden, Deep Almond and Medium Deep Rose. The colors will represent more than 40 different skin tones found around the world. The crayons will be available in 24 or 32-count packs, with the latter also including four hair-color and four eye-color crayons. “Colors of the World” was made in collaboration with MOB Beauty CEO Victor Casale. In a statement, Casale said he hopes that children feel “included and recognized" when they “find their shade” in the collection. Victor Casale, via statement.