August 2019

Burger King's 'Impossible Whopper' Is Going Nationwide Next Week

The chain is planning to rollout the meat substitute product to all of its locations in the U.S. starting on August 8. Burger King, which began testing the item back in April, say sales for it have been performing well. It's driven new guests into the restaurant. We're really excited to be able to attract that customer, Burger King's president for the Americas, Chris Finazzo, via CNN Business. For the next few months, Finazzo adds the company will see how the Impossible Whopper performs before it becomes a mainstay on the menu. . From August 8 to the beginning of September, Burger King will also run a "taste test" promotion. Since the Impossible Whopper's taste is meant to be just like the original, Burger King is letting customers decide for themselves. The promotion is being run through the chain's official app and food delivery service DoorDash.