September 2019

British Prime Minister Loses Parliamentary Majority in Brexit Showdown

British lawmakers pushed back against Boris Johnson's pursuit to lead Britain's exit from the European Union without a deal. Johnson's conservative party had a Parliament majority of one vote. But veteran Conservative member of Parliament Philip Lee resigned in protest to what he called "the twin diseases of populism and English nationalism." The loss of majority is a huge blow for the Prime Minister, making it next to impossible to pursue any meaningful legislation. Lawmakers are seeking to avoid a no-deal Brexit with a three-month delay from the nation's exit from the E.U. Johnson intends to impose Brexit by October 31. Boris Johnson, via 'The Washington Post' Johnson has been granted approval by the Queen to suspend Parliament for up to five weeks beginning as early as Monday. Opposition lawmaker have called the move a "coup," describing his government as "reckless" and one of "cowardice." If Parliament is successful in its pursuit of a delay, Johnson has threatened to call a snap election, in which he could win back a majority. He has also threatened to kick out any members of his own Conservative party who vote against his Brexit pursuits.