November 2019

Black Cat Interrupts Monday Night Football Broadcast

Halloween may be over, but a black cat was trending during Monday Night Football. A black cat ran onto the field during the second quarter . of Monday's game between the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys. Play was temporarily stopped as MetLife Stadium officials tried to catch the feline. The cat evaded the officials and ran through one of the stadium tunnels. The black cat ran off the field and disappeared under a seating section. Once we locate and safely capture the cat, we will take it to a veterinarian for examination. , MetLife Stadium, via Twitter. The Cowboys were trailing the Giants 9-3 at the time of the incident. After the play resumed, the Cowboys outscored the Giants 34-9. I know he was looking at me the whole time he was out there. But things did kind of change when that black cat came out. , Jerry Jones, Cowboys owner, via statement.