September 2019

Americans Still Need to Cut Down on Sugar and Bread

According to a new study, Americans are eating less sweet food, but they are still consuming too much of certain foods such as white bread. The analysis can be found in the 'Journal of the American Medical Association.' The study was held from 1999 to 2016. Almost 44,000 adult subjects were involved in the findings. The report adds that whole grains are being eaten more, but they are still not a big enough part of Americans' daily calorie intake. Researchers recorded a two percent fall in added sugar consumption. They say it may be due to people drinking less soda. Daily intake is now at 14 percent, but that is still higher than the recommendation of 10 percent. The analysis adds there was also a fall in low-quality carbs. In terms of daily calories, they still make up just over 40 percent. Researchers also say obesity and diabetes rates increased. According to the study, nearly three-quarters of American adults are overweight.