August 2019

Amazon to Begin Donating Unwanted Third-Party Items

The initiative, 'Fulfilled by Amazon Donations,' will take effect in the United States and United Kingdom on September 1. Instead of being thrown out, the program will send unsold products to nonprofits and charities in both countries such as the Salvation Army. It will be the automatic option for third-party vendors that allow Amazon to take selling control of their items. According to 'The Verge,' the program is meant to get rid of unwanted products in a cheaper manner and also reduce waste. We know getting products into the hands of those who need them transforms lives and strengthens local communities. We are delighted to extend this program to sellers who use our fulfillment services, Amazon in the Community Director Alice Shobe, via statement. Beforehand, Amazon would trash unwanted third-party items, sending hundreds of thousands of them to garbage dumps. The issue was brought to light earlier this year in a documentary that exposed the e-commerces giant's practices in the country of France