October 2020

Amazon Says Nearly 20,000 of Its Workers Got Coronavirus

The online retail giant announced on Thursday that 19,816 of its U.S. employees have tested positive for coronavirus. [We performed a] thorough analysis of data on all 1,372,000 Amazon and Whole Foods Market front-line employees across the US employed at any time from March 1 to September 19, 2020, Amazon Blog Post, via CNN. At least 10 deaths have resulted from Amazon employees contracting the virus. Amazon claims that the rate of its employee infections is 42 percent lower than the rate of infection in the general U.S. population. The safety of Amazon warehouse employees has been the focus of attention and criticism. 150 "process changes" have been implemented by the company in order to increase the safety of its warehouses. With Prime Day less than two weeks away, Amazon is planning to hire an additional 100,000 employees to deal with the increase in shopper volume.