September 2019

Airbnb Offers Free Housing to Hurricane Dorian Evacuees

As Hurricane Dorian approaches, Airbnb has partnered up with a number of hosts to provide free housing through their “Open Homes” program. . The program was created in 2012, and allows hosts to list their homes for free in order to assist those affected by natural disasters, wars and other events. When disasters strike, our response tool is activated to create additional housing – in or nearby the affected area...Airbnb automatically contacts hosts in the impacted and surrounding areas asking if they have extra space to share with their displaced neighbors, Airbnb, via website. Over 1,200 hosts in Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Tennessee and Alabama have agreed to house evacuees affected by Hurricane Dorian. The program is also open to first responders who are traveling to the affected regions. . This particular outcropping of their program began on Aug. 31 and is set to last through Sept. 16.