September 2019

6 Things in Your Kitchen You Should Immediately Trash

When it comes to your kitchen, it’s easy to forget when you bought certain items and whether they’ve expired or not. Here are six items in your kitchen that you should toss out in order to make room for fresher foods. 1. Old Spices
 Old spices lose their potency over time and won’t add much flavor to your next meal.
 2. Cooking Oil
 Using oil that is a few months old can cause your food to taste unpleasantly sharp or sour. 
 3. Questionable Leftovers
 Leftovers that are more than three or four days old can cause food poisoning, even if they still seem safe to eat. 
 4. Baking Powder If baking powder isn’t stored properly once it's opened, the moisture from the air can impact its quality and ruin your next baking adventure. 
 5. Pasta Sauce
 Old pasta sauce can accumulate mold in as little as two weeks, which can potentially lead to food poisoning. 
 6. Wine
 Even when it’s been re-corked and refrigerated, wine will begin to oxidize after a few days and cause an unpleasant "bruised-apple" smell.