September 2019

5 Ways to Help Those Affected by Hurricane Dorian

With Hurricane Dorian currently sitting at a standstill over the Bahamas, as many as 13,000 homes have been severely damaged or destroyed. Here are five organizations you can support in order to provide help to those devastated by the hurricane. . 1. BAHAMASTRONG 
Created by the City of Miami, this organization has 16 drop-off locations across the city for citizens to drop off supplies that will then be sent to the Bahamas.
. 2. World Central Kitchen
 Founded by celebrity chef José Andrés, this nonprofit is already in the Bahamas and working to cook and deliver food to those in need.
. 3. All Hands and Hearts Smart Response
 This organization is set to provide first-hand relief in the Bahamas and is currently accepting donations and volunteer applications.
. 4. International Medical Corps
 Known for their global humanitarian work, International Medical Corps is sending teams to the Bahamas to provide medical care. 
. 5. Bahamas Red Cross
 This branch of the Red Cross is seeking relief help in the form of money and the donation of goods such as baby products, generators and nonperishable food.