August 2019

5 of the Most Incredible Thrift Store Finds (National Thrift Shop Day, August 17)

In honor of National Thrift Shop Day, here are five treasures found in thrift stores, according to MoneyWise. 5. Sean and Rikki McEvoy discovered the $0.58 sweater they bought actually belonged to legendary football coach, Vince Lombardi. 4. A buyer’s $13 “costume jewelry” turned out to be a 26-carat diamond ring worth nearly half a million dollars. 3. Ted Horton’s inexpensive gag gift turned out to be a Jackson Pollock art piece worth millions. 2. A German student’s flea market sofa bed turned out to have an unknown artist’s painting inside from the early 1600s. 1. John Richard’s handbag with Elvis Presley’s face on it turned out to be one of ten rare Andy Warhol designs.