The HeroPlan is a charitable organization committed to world peace and prosperity. Our commitment is evident through our actions. We provide a media platform offering On Demand and Live TV and enable communities and individuals to build their own network.

The democratization of the media affords us with countless opportunities to monetize on the changes that will occur over the next decade. However, if we do not act now we will be in the same situation that we were faced with when certain gigantic retailers and other social media platforms imposed upon us which adversely impacted the well being of communities throughout the world.

This is not to say that they have not done good, yet the question we pose to you is do you want to control your own destiny or do you want them to control your destiny by giving them the money and then they decide what to give back to you.

Under the HeroPlan, you are in control. Build your own network and share it with the community. Powered by Ceszortium USA and Ceszortium International, this platform will enable you to transform last quarters expenses into next quarters profits. Start building your channel or network today. Text ‘Network’ to 39331. GOD bless.