The HeroPlan.Org (HPO) is a charitable organization committed to eradicate domestic poverty. HPO introduces organizations to a unique Complete Net Suite Live Streaming TV Platforms (“Solution”) and much, much, more to local, regional and national communities; public and private schools and universities; churches, charities, causes, special interest groups — including political groups; as well as, other private ventures between both individuals and small to middle size business enterprises. Our Solution helps enterprises go direct from the business to the consumer with no inefficiencies which optimizes the effective values exchange in the private ecosystem resulting in client retention and growth which are often tokenized to develop private W | M coins used in commerce.

HPO is funded and founded by generous donations from countless unspoken heroes within each of us, as well as those that live alongside of us and remain quite the pillars of our local communities. Local communities that know we are better together when working towards a common purpose. HPO would like to both thank and acknowledge all those we have served accepting that we are home of the free because of the brave. Today, we must act to capitalize on the opportunities to ensure  improved economic success in our Great Country.

Our philosophy, using a metaphor, is that HPO teaches the world to fish affording them fish for the source of life. The democratization of the media affords personal broadcast rights to us all as individuals which trump corporate broadcast rights ultimately. HPO allows our local communities to benefit from all ecommerce and other HPO charities, PACs, and super PACs. Simply, our HPO provides participating communities with a Competitive Business Advantages™ powered by Ceszortium.

HPO, is bringing you over 2,000 channel options each customized to your liking which each will fall into one of the 144 Universal TV Media ( UTV) Syndicates with The Country Network (TCN) being the pillar of the private conglomerate. TCN has been around since 2009 and grown to be the Nation’s second largest and oldest country and western station. Each Syndicate is led by a Governor, three Commissions, 12 Ambassadors and one Talented Champion. UTV first educates, then motivates, and assist 10,000 person communities to maximize all network benefits to the fullest. Universal TV Media is the for-profit signed of our business and partners with enterprises to transform last quarters expenses into future profits.

Today, start building your network by texting NETWORK to 39331 in order to learn more in order to do your part to contribute to World Peace and Prosperity by capitalizing on the benefits afforded by the Solution. Together we are better and when  powered by Ceszortium you can now define your future in TV and Media by transforming last quarter’s advertising and marketing expenses into future profits by creating profitable media assets which vertically integrated countless benefits rewarding your  clients, customers, and subscribers alike.