HeroPlan.org (HPO) is a TV Media focused charitable organization which provides Complete Net Suite Live Private Streaming TV Platform allowing subscribers to create their own content plus customize their preferences to: age, race, gender, lifestyle; local, regional and national communities; public and private schools and universities; churches, charities, cause, and special interest groups; political groups; as well as, other private ventures with individuals and business enterprises.

HPO is funded and founded by generous donations from countless known and unknown unspoken heroes within each of us, as well as those that live alongside of us. HPO knows that we are better together thus we strive to educate, motivate and celebrate life with W | M coins which are generously provided.  

HPO thanks and acknowledges all those we have served accepting that we are home of the free because of the brave. Simply put, HPO teaches the world to fish affording them a fish source for life compared to other media companies which only provide one fish for one day.  

HPO viewers, once they join a private network share in the benefits from all ecommerce and other HPO Charities, PACs, and Super PACs by using a Competitive Business Advantages™ afforded by Ceszortium which transforms last quarters expenses into future profits which allows all to define their future.

Text HERO to 39331 to learn how HPO can help you prosper.